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Volume 7   Issue 1   Year 2012
Mathematical Models in the Theory of Biological Populations and Communities (Sources and First Results)

Poluektov R.A.

Agrophysical Research Institute RAAN, Sankt-Petersburg, 14 Grazhdansky prospect, 195220, Russian Federation

Abstract. Historical aspects of mathematical population biology and biocenology formation from its conception in 1960s are considered. It is noted the decisive role in the development of this scientific branch of such eminent scientists as Nikolay V.Timofeev-Resovsky and Aleksey A. Ljapunov. It is also noted significance of such arrangements as summer schools carried out in Moscow suburb and directed by N.V.Timofeev-Resovsky and A.A. Ljapunov, as well as regular seminars and informal schools organized at this time in several scientific institutions (Agrophysical Research Institute, Institute of Cytology and Genetics, Rostov State University). As a result of all these investigations Russian mathematical biology achieved a level compared with world standard of knowledge.

Key words: mathematical biology, biological populations, biocenosis, informal schools.


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Math. Biol. Bioinf.
doi: 10.17537/2012.7.4
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