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Instructions for Authors

"Mathematical Biology and Bioinformatics" is online peer-review scholar journal in the field of applying the techniques of computer science, applied mathematics, statistics and engineering to solving biological problems.  Its main topics are:
- Bioinformatics, which applies algorithms and statistical techniques to the interpretation, classification and understanding of huge biological datasets. 
- Mathematical biology, which aims at the mathematical representation, treatment and modeling of biological processes, using a variety of applied mathematical techniques and tools. 
- Computational genomics, which studies the genomes of cells and organisms. 
- Molecular modeling, which consists of modeling the behavior of molecules of biological importance. 
- Biomolecular structure prediction and structural genomics. 
- Computational biochemistry and biophysics, which make extensive use of structural modeling and simulation methods such as molecular dynamics and Monte Carlo method-inspired Boltzmann sampling methods in an attempt to elucidate the kinetics and thermodynamics of protein functions. 

All articles undergo peer review procedure. Upon receipt of the manuscript responsible editorial staff consider the   compliance with the formal requirements   and subject matter of the journal. Manuscript past the primary control, is to be sent to reviewers for evaluation of its scientific merit. Reviewers are chosen for their competence in the field of research, presented in the manuscript, they may be offered by authors, editors, and other reviewers. After the end of the procedure of peer-reviewing the  obtained reviews  are considered by the editorial council. Articles that are not approved by the editorial council, will not be accepted for publication. The editors reserve the right not to explain the reasons for rejection of article to authors and do not engage them in discussion on the topic of conformity of their article to the journal's requirements. Article, approved by the editorial council, will be published  only upon receipt by the editorship of the full package of accompanying documents.

To publish an original article an author is to submit to the editorial staff the following documents:

  1. Author's application.
  2. List of at least three competent researchers working in the same field of knowledge.
  3. Assignment from the organization, where the work has been accomplished. No assignment is required, if the work was accomplished in a foreign organization.
  4. The text of the article in WinWord. If an English version is planned to be published together with the Russian one, it should be presented as a separate file. Authors are to translate their articles into English themselves.
  5. Abstracts both in Russian and in English in WinWord. The English translation should be done by the authors. Every abstract, beside the text itself, is to include the title of the article, the surnames and initials of the authors, and the name of the organization, where the work has been accomplished. One of the authors must show his/her e-mail address. Authors can optionally include into abstracts key-words in Russian and English.

All documents, enumerated in 1-3, are to be presented to the editors in two versions: in an electronic and a hard copy.
Hard copies of the documents 1-3 can be presented to the editors by any of the following ways:

  1. By fax: +7(4967) 318500.
  2. By  mail to the address:
    "Mathematical Biology and Bioinformatics"
    IMPB RAS, Vitkevicha street, 1,
    Pushchino, Moscow Region, 142290, Russia.

Electronic copies of the documents 1-3 are to be sent to the editors by electronic mail:

Files with the article and abstracts (documents 4 and 5) are to be sent to The editors do not admit hard copies of articles and do not work with them.

Authors should keep in mind that the editors start to prepare articles for publishing immediately after receiving electronic versions of documents 1-5, but the article will be published only after hard copies of documents 1-3 are received.

It should be taken into consideration that telephone numbers, fax numbers, post addresses and e-mail addresses, which are given by authors in documents 1-2, must enable the editors to contact quickly with the authors of the article or the reviewers. If such contact is impossible, it can result in delay in publishing of the article. The editors strongly advise authors (especially authors of articles and reviewers beyond Moscow) to provide actual, working and frequently used e-mail addresses.
Assignment from the organization, where the work has been accomplished, should be presented on a form, which contains all the requisites for contacts of this organization, and the reference number of the document, in particular. The same as for documents 1-2, the editors strongly advise authors (especially from organizations beyond Moscow) to provide actual, working and frequently used e-mail addresses.

It should be kept in mind that the editors do not have financial resources for long distance telephone calls. For this reason, it is strongly recommended to accomplish all contacts with the editors by electronic mail.

Article Typing Requirements
The Journal admits for publishing articles in WinWord, and the editors transform them into PDF themselves. All texts are to be typed in WinWord (Times New Roman Cyr, 12, 1 interval). The editors do not admit files in PDF.  
Papers prepared using LATEX are accepted too. In this case the paper should be prepared using the style-file mbb.sty. The example of the article is contained in paper_template.pdf.  Article template is in the file paper_template.tex.  The pdf-file should be attached to the submitted tex-file to be sure in correct compilation of the manuscript.  All  files needed for preparing properly the manuscript  can be downloaded  from here.

All texts should contain only symbols of the corresponding alphabet (for example, it is not allowed to use the Latin "A" instead of the Russian "A", or, the letter "O" instead of the number "0", etc.)
Graphic information (tables, diagrams, photos, figures), if needed, can be presented in separate files (one file for a picture) in GIF, JPEG, PCX or TIFF.

Numbers presented in Roman figures are to be typed by the corresponding letters of the Latin alphabet (I, V, X, M, L, C √ for example, XXVII).
Formulae are to be typed in Microsoft Equation or MathType Equation.
The article is to start with a title typed in lower-case letters in great primer (18-point type). Then the list of the authors (their surnames and initials) should follow. The names of the authors are to be typed in 14-point type and separated by commas. If the work was accomplished in an organization, the name of the organization is to be mentioned in 12-point type. The title, the list of the authors and the names of the organizations are to be separated by blank lines and centered.
Key words are to be given on a separate line in 12-point type and centered. Russian key words are to continue the line headed by "Key words:". English key words are to start a new line after "Key words:".
An article is to be made up as an organic unity, in order that printing the article in easy-readable form might be possible. Pages in an article should not be numbered. Indicating of the code in the UDC (universal decimal classification) is advisable.


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