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Volume 6   Issue 1   Year 2011
Mathematical Modeling
On The Choice of Force Fields for Studying the Molecular Dynamics of Ion Peptides and Their Dimers
Danilkovich A.V., Tikhonov D.A., Sobolev E.V., Shadrina T.E., Udovichenko I.P.
Molecular dynamic of the complexes of (RADA)4 - the self-organizing ionic peptides
Danilkovich A.V., Sobolev E.V., Tikhonov D.A. , Shadrina T.E., Udovichenko I.P.
Data mining
Comparative Analysis of Magnetic Encephalography Data Sets
Ustinin M.N., Polikarpov M.A., Pankratov A.N., Rykunov S.D., Naurzakov S.P., Grebenkin A.P., Panchenko V.Ya.
Proceedings of The International Conference "Mathematical Biology and Bioinformatics"


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