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Information for Readers and Authors
  • The Institute of Mathematical Problems of Biology of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IMPB RAS) is the Founder and Publisher of the journal “Mathematical Biology and Bioinformatics”. The journal has been established by the Scientific Council on Mathematical Biology and Bioinformatics of RAS and it is an electronic peer-reviewed scientific periodical. The journal has been included in the list of the leading peer-reviewed scientific journals and The Supreme Attestation Commission of the Russian Federation recommends candidates for degrees of Doctor of Science and Doctor of Philosophy publish the main scientific results of their theses in this journal.
  • The journal is published only electronically and has no paper version but all the materials are systematically rewritten onto data storage devices and kept for a long period of time. The storage is provided by the journal staff and archive services of the Math-Net.Ru portal and Electronic Scientific Library (, to which the Publisher submits the archival journal issues. It ensures the protection of the authors, whose articles have been published.)
  • Correspondence with the authors, the reviewers and the readers is carried out electronically. The manuscripts should be submitted in the format described as per authors’ rules.
  • The Editorial board has a right to ask the Doctor of Science, who recommended considered manuscript, for the recommendation acknowledgement or to elaborate on his opinion regarding the manuscript. The Editorial board has a right to reject manuscript without reasonable explanation.
  • The Editorial board can invite the authors for writing the review articles. No recommendation is needed for such articles. 
  • All accepted articles will be placed on the web server of the IMPB RAS found at on an ongoing basis, subject to further editorial processing. The journal is issued biannually. Each issue contains articles which have been accepted over half of the past year. At the end of each six months, all published articles are copied onto data storage devices and are then transferred into the journal archive of the Electronic Scientific Library ( in order to maintain the Russian Index of Scientific Citing.
  • The journal accepts articles for publication both in Russian and English languages. Each article is accompanied by abstracts in Russian and English languages. So, among other supporting documents the authors have to send annotations in Russian and English languages. In case the original article is published in English language, the authors are only responsible for the quality of English text. After the original article is published, the authors may also submit their own translation of the article. A translation of the original article made by the authors is considered to be additional material where the authors could expand their readership.  The publisher will not translate original texts by the authors.  The responsibility for adequacy and accuracy of a translation rests with the authors.
  • If the author wishes his article to be published in both languages (Russian and English) concurrently, then the original article has continuous page numbering, and page numbers have prefix “t” in the translated variant of the article. Article may be accompanied by different kinds of additional materials and supplements which page numbers have prefix “s”. The translated variants and the supplements may be placed on the journal site later than the original article and they are not subject to obligatory transfer into the archives mentioned above.
  • The articles are published as electronic files in PDF format. The Publisher accepts materials from authors in Office Word format (DOC-, DOCX-files) and transfers them into PDF-format autonomously. Manuscripts prepared with the LATEX editor are also accepted.
  • To view the articles published in the journal, one should first select the volume (or edition). The content of that volume will then become accessible. Once you select the article you're interested in, its annotation can be read. The full text of the article in PDF format can then be downloaded via a link found on the annotation page.
  • The downloaded file in PDF format can be viewed with the help of AcrobatReader programme, which can be installed on the site:
  • The journal also publishes the full text texts of reports presented at the International and national Russian conferences. Such kind of publications should comply with special rules conference organization committee.
  • The journal accepts for publication short reviews and comments regarding the earlier published articles. These reviews and comments are placed in the journal section COMMENTS. The reviews and comments can be written in Russian and/or in English languages.
  • The authors of published articles cannot change or edit the articles, but they can send additional comments to their own article in accordance with the usual procedure.
  • The authors are fully responsible for the informational content of their articles and for the fact of their publication. The Publisher disclaims all liability for the potential harm that authors and third parties and organizations might suffer due to the article publication. The Publisher has a right to withdraw the article which has been already published, if in a process of publication it is revealed that someone’s rights or general norms of scientific ethics were violated. The Publisher informs the authors of submitted article, the persons who have recommended its publication and organization, where the work was done, about the fact of article withdrawing.



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