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Volume 8   Issue 1   Year 2013
Formal Analysis of Structures of Nucleotide Chains

Gumenuk A.S., Pozdnichenko N.N., Rodionov I.N., Shpynov S.N.

Omsk State Technical University, Omsk, 644050, Russia

FBUN «Omsk Scientific Research Institute of Natural Focal Infections» of CPS, Omsk, 644080, Russia
Abstract. An object of the study is a numerical sequence that  is called an order and reflects single nucleotide chain.  The order represents the arrangement of the components of the DNA sequence. An expressions for a number of numerical characteristics that describe the order of the chain are formulated. Possibility of application of the characteristics in a number of biological problems is shown. These are the problems of taxonomy of biological organisms and their comparison as well as DNA segmentation.
Key words: quantities of information, entropy, numerical characteristics of order, remoteness, regularity, nucleotide chain order, ribonucleic acid, ribosomal RNA, mitochondrial RNA.
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Math. Biol. Bioinf.
doi: 10.17537/2013.8.373
published in Russian

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