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Volume 11   Issue 2   Year 2016
Fractional-Stable Statistics of the Genes Expression in the Next Generation Sequence Results

Saenko V.V.

Technological Research Institute S.P. Kapitsa, Ulyanovsk State University


Abstract. As has been shown, in the author's published articles, that the application of class of the fractional-stable laws to the genes expression results obtained by DNA-microarys leads to poor agreement between experimental and theoretical distributions. This difference can be explained by the imperfection of the technology of the gene expression determination. In this article the distributions of the gene expression obtained by Next Generation Sequence technology are investigated. In this technology the determination technique of the gene expression  differs from the DNA-microarrays technology. This results to more qualitative results of an approximation. In particular, it is established that the probability density function of the gene expression has a form of shift-scale mixture of probability laws, where one of the components of the mixture is the fractional-stable distribution.


Key words: gene expression, DNA-microarrays, Next Generation Sequence Technology, fractional-stable law, Levy's-stable law, shift-scale mixture.

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Math. Biol. Bioinf.
doi: 10.17537/2016.11.278
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