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Volume 2   Issue 2   Year 2007
Hierarchy of Models in Mathematical Biology and Numerically-analytical Methods of its Investigation

Aponin Yu.M., Aponina E.A.

Institute of Mathematical Problems of Biology RAS, Pushchino, Moscow Region

Abstract. The problem of intermodel relations in mathematical biology is considered. Certain mechanisms of prime models generation from complicated ones are briefly reviewed (the asymptotic decomposition, self-organization, reduction principle and others). The construction of complicated model from prescribed prime models and development of hierarchy of models are also considered. The notions of minimal, maximal and primary model are treated. The key role of analytical methods of investigation is emphasized.

Key words: intermodel relation, hierarchy of models, minimal model, primary model, maximal model, prime model generation from complicated one, self-organization, reduction principle, asymptotic decomposition, collective coordinates, singularly perturbed system, computation algorithm.


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Math. Biol. Bioinf.
doi: 10.17537/2007.2.347
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