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Volume 13   Issue Suppl.   Year 2018
Translations of published articles
Big Data in Bioinformatics
Nazipova N.N., Isaev E.A., Kornilov V.V., Pervukhin D.V., Morozova A.A., Gorbunov A.A., Ustinin M.N.
On The Choice of Force Fields for Studying the Molecular Dynamics of Ion Peptides and Their Dimers
Danilkovich A.V., Tikhonov D.A., Sobolev E.V., Shadrina T.E., Udovichenko I.P.
Trapping and Transport of Charges in DNA by Mobile Discrete Breathers
Chetverikov A.P., Sergeev K.S., Lakhno V.D.
Investigation of Latent Periodicity Phenomenon in the Genomes of Eukaryotic Organisms
Chaley M.B., Kutyrkin V.A., Tyulbasheva G.E., Teplukhina E.I., Nazipova N.N.
Theoretical and Experimental Investigations of DNA Open States
Shigaev A.S., Ponomarev O.A., Lakhno V.D.


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