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Volume 7   Issue 1   Year 2012
Research of the Model of Heat and Moisture Transfer in a Soil-Plant System

Vorotyntsev A.V.

Dorodnicyn Computing Centre of RAS, Russian Academy of Siences, Moscow, 119333, Russian Federation 

Abstract. The integral equation for the problem of conjugate heat and moisture transfer in the plant cover and soil is formulated taking into account the energy balance that allows to get a description of transport in the cover in the form of simple algebraic expressions, which depend on the solution of the equation. The closed system of equations describing the transport in the soil is formulated for well-ventilated cover. From the solution of this system and found algebraic expressions one can easily obtain the values of the transport variables in the cover.

Key words: simulation of agrocenosis, soil-plant system, water consumption of plants, water balance.

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Math. Biol. Bioinf.
doi: 10.17537/2012.7.45
published in Russian

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