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Volume 16   Issue 1   Year 2021
Molecular devices based on DNA

Lakhno V.D., Vinnikov A.V.

Institute of Mathematical Problems of Biology RAS, Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics of Russian Academy of Sciences, Pushchino, Russia

Abstract. It is shown that DNA molecule can be used for construction of different electronic devices. The results of investigation of DNA conducting properties are presented. The method of DNA based nanowires is considered. It is shown that the conducting properties of DNA can be used for making electronic nanobiochips, which have advantages in comparison with optical one due to their miniaturization, execution speed, absence of marking and exactness. It is also demonstrated the possibility of memory and logic devices made from DNA.

Key words: DNA, molecular wires, logic elements.

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Math. Biol. Bioinf.
doi: 10.17537/2021.16.115
published in Russian

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