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Volume 6   Issue 1   Year 2011
Study of effects of clinical and genetic factors on severity of discirculatory encephalopathy with the help of pattern recognition methods

Kuznetsova A.V., Kostomarova I.V., Vodolagina N.N., Malygina N.F., Senko O.V.

N.M. Emanuel Institute for Biochemical Physics of the RAS, Moscow, Russia
Russian State Medical University, Scientific and Clinical Center of Gerontology, Moscow, Russia
Institution of Russian Academy of Sciences Dorodnicyn Computing Centre of RAS, Moscow, Russia

Annotation. The paper presents the results of studies aimed to assess effects of clinical , biochemical indices and also polymorphous variants of genes coding angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE), lipoprotein lipase (LPL) and cholesteryl ester transfer protein (CETP) on discirculatory encephalopathy (DEP) severity. Methods of intellectual data analysis based on searching optimal partitions of feature space and different pattern recognition techniques were used during the research. It was found that statistically valid relationship exists between computer estimates of DEP severity that are calculated by set of clinical and biochemical parameters with the help of pattern recognition techniques and polymorphous variants of genes coding APF and CETP.

Key words: discirculatory encephalopathy, polymorphous variants of genes, intellectual data analysis, pattern recognition.

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Math. Biol. Bioinf.
doi: 10.17537/2011.6.115
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